How can SMEs and Freelancers benefit from Co-working

Shared Office space and co working started gaining popularity in Indian office market since 2017. Tailored to attract independent workers and freelancers with the pay-per-day and plug-set-go mind set, the lot many advantages of flexible work spaces have now started attracting enterprises and mainstream occupiers.

In a time when a lot of people are planning to start up either because they got an ‘Aah-Hah” idea during the quarantine or because they have been laid off from companies, the services and set up of a coworking space can be the difference between success and failure for a start up.

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.”

-Scott Belsky

1. Saves Money

At the nascent stage, saving every rupee is the priority of businesses, thus a conventional lease with its burdenous terms and conditions rules out the possibility to have an office space.

A co-working space has everything sorted out, so much so that you need to just bring your laptop and get on with the important stuff.Rather than paying for a long expensive contract, you pay an all inclusive monthly fee that ensures you can keep your overheads minimum and save a lot of time from the hassle of managing an office space.

2. Flexibility

With success comes the need to expand thus more space to accomodate fresh recruits= More space. With digitalisation and new marketing techniques, growth cannot be predicted. Constantly changing addresses to meet the physical space need and set up costs harm a lot to the image of a business. Co-working and shared office spaces have changed the workspace landscape by offering a solution to easily ramp-up or decrease workforce. Add a desk and accomodate someone or reduce people and reduce costs.

3. Location

One of the greatest asset for a company is its presence in the right location. Wonder why the HQ’s of companies are in a similar location ? Because the right location MATTERS  A LOT.

It is almost impossible to find only as much space you require to operate from in a good commercial building, because the layouts are usually to cater to large companies with the financial appetite to purchase or lease out in them.

Co-working spaces bridge the needs of the individuals and small teams space requirements with  great location for a fair price and fulfilling literally the dreams of people to work out of classy office spaces. It is a boon for young companies who want to stand out to clients with an impressive address and being able to grow their business in post codes that might otherwise be out of their reach.

4. Beautiful and Intentional design

There has been a paradigm shift in how work spaces are designed now, and everyone is aware of it and demand such work environments. Space being the most important aspect for co working spaces, research and data driven designs of co working spaces boost the creativity and enhance the productivity of the occupier.

 The boost a freelancer feels moving from home office to coworking space can also boost small and medium sized teams by moving from lifeless drab offices to a buzzing community at co working spaces. Meeting new people and networking create exciting environment which is necessary now a days.

Small or big, corporate or creative all professions are welcome to a co working space and reap the many rewards it has to offer.

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