How intentional design of workspace can make your life at work a blessing

We see a lot of innovative designs for residential and retail projects, but least in office space designs. This category has been following the old fashioned design that focuses on converting every square foot to a workstation. They are unaware how an innovative design can foster engagement, inspire creativity and drive productivity in employees.

The science behind design of more "people" focused workplaces

Designers research and collect data about human behaviour and responses to a space and apply that to design a workspace.

‘Zones to cater to different energy levels, spaces to accommodate grades of privacy and everything in between, design is not just making spaces look aesthetically appealing but adding it as a layer to the purpose it is going to serve.’

Innovative companies like Apple, Google, Pinterest and Facebook boast offices that are designed backed by data that uplift their employees morale which in turn helps them become the greats they are.

Apart from comfortable workstation area, providing variety of spaces that promote relaxing distractions from intense work, enable people to imagine and get new ideas.

Implementing the above, at the CoWork Capital, to promote “micro-breaks”- we have dedicated the space near the windows to hot desks and lounge area so that it can accessed by everyone to stand in or take a stroll in and enjoy the view(we had an option to build cabins and rent them out for higher price because of the view, but we didn’t.)

For “macro-breaks” there are spaces like the in-house lounge, coffee bar, reading nook and phone booth area where one can actually spend time to have a sense of separation from the workspace.


This is the beauty of flexible space environment where you aren’t tied down to one space and have options: space for concentrated work, spaces to unwind, spaces for collaboration and spaces to play and learn.

Picking the right location and adding the appropriate textures and colours to the space

Health experts say that, one can remain healthy by creating healthier environments, rather than being dependent solely on health care products and centres.

In the context of physical work spaces, this can be achieved by incorporating natural and nature mimicking elements.

Non dingy and naturally lit spaces, splash of greenery, rustic textures in free space, wooden textures for furniture and neutral tones for surface finishes are proven concepts for enhancing productivity and making one like the space to be in.


With conventional offices not considering these irrefutable facts, we have tried to touch upon every single detail that is significant in making the members life better at work.

If you are in Baroda and wish to experience the vibe of an intentionally designed work space feel free to call us and book a tour.